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A trip on the Bregenzerwald railway

Take a ride on this narrow-gauge railway, and enjoy travelling at the more sedate pace of bygone years.

A trip you will never forget

An enjoyable combination of technology and picturesque countryside, with a great selection of historical steam and diesel locomotives.

Wälderbähnle timetable

A train trip down memory lane

In earlier times the Wälderbähnle railway set off from Vorarlbeg's capital city, Bregenz, on the shores of Lake Constance. At Kennelbach the railway entered the narrow 18 km long valley of the Bregenzerache river, a dramatically beautiful section of line, and an area for which the railway constituted the only available means of transport. Emerging from this valley the train passed through the villages of Egg and Andelsbuch, after which it entered the Bersbucher forest and arrived at the station of Schwarzenberg (the present-day railway terminus). It then continued through the meadows and across five bridges to Bezau.

Getting there