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Party time

No special occasion can be without a tasty well-presented meal. Why not take your pick from our list of set menu suggestions? We will be happy to make any changes you suggest, so that the menu of your choice is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements.

Delicious imaginative set meals are available for groups of 10 persons upwards, so why not organise a set menu for your family, friends and colleagues? We will be happy to help and to answer any questions you may have.

Please give us 3 days' notice to accommodate your requests.  Tel. +43 5513 64170

We can also cater for large groups, and they are very welcome here at any time.

Spring 2015

Feel free to compile your own menu preferences from our list of individual dishes, or simply pick the set menu of your choice. We are happy to adapt our set menus as far as possible to cater for any special requests or suggestions you may have. It's not a bad idea to have one menu for the adult guests and another for the children.  

For "big occasions"

Menu 1 € 31.00 – without starter € 26.00 or without soup € 27.00

  • Lamb's lettuce and salad leaves, strips of crispy bacon and marinated asparagus
  • Beef bouillon with baked semolina dumplings
  • Filet of pork in cream of mushroom sauce
  • with seasonal vegetables and gratin potatoes
  • Strawberry and vanilla duo

Menu 2 € 35.90 – without starter € 28.90 or without soup € 32.40

  • Goat's cheese quark mousse with honeyed tomato
  • Cream of asparagus soup
  • Sirloin of beef gratin in a port wine jus
  • with green beans, bacon and a potato and leek pate
  • Pannacotta enhanced with a touch of lavender and strawberries

Menu 3 € 29.50 – without starter € 22.50 or without soup € 25.50

  • Tagliatelle with baked prawns and lime mousse
  • Cream of wild garlic coup with croutons
  • Breast of chicken stuffed with breadcrumbs, wild garlic and mushrooms,
  • with seasonal vegetables and truffeled cream polenta
  • Cold rhubarb soup

Menu 4 € 39.30 – without starter € 32.30 or without soup € 34.80

  • Salmon tartar with apple and cucumber salad and potato crisps
  • Cream of vegetable soup, chervil sour cream
  • Rack of lamb, served pink with a herb crust, Mediterranean vegetables and diced semolina patties
  • Mousse with strawberries

Menu 5 € 49.50 – without starter € 42.50 or without soup € 43.50

  • Local veal in aspic with an onion and herb vinaigrette, lamb's lettuce and pumpkin seed oil
  • Cream of asparagus soup with salmon dumplings
  • Local saddle of veal with roast mushrooms, leaf spinach and pumpkin risotto
  • Rosemary crème brûlée and strawberries, and iced sour cream with lavender, lime and rhubarb

For our special guests

Children's menu 1 € 17.50

  • Beef bouillon with chopped herb pancakes
  • Small filet steak kebab, herb butter and cream sauce, croquette potatoes and a cheerful selection of vegetables
  • Vanilla cream with rhubarb sauce

Children's menu 2 € 17.00

  • Cream of asparagus soup
  • Small Wiener schnitzel with French fries, cranberry sauce and lemon
  • Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice and cream

Children's menu 3 € 17.00

  • Beef bouillon with semolina dumpling
  • Veal cutlet in a creamy sauce, butterspätzle and a cheerful selection of vegetables
  • Children's ice cream with Smarties and chocolate sauce

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