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Coach parties

For parties of 20 or more special deals are available, catering for everything from extended lunches to whistle-stop coffee breaks.

Coach party catering in Hotel Alpenblick

Available for coach parties, clubs and excursion groups of 20 or more.

Coffee stop

  • Coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte... from € 2.40 to € 3.00
  • Bread roll with butter and honey € 2.50
  • Ham baguette € 2.80
  • Cheese roll € 2.80
  • Croissant with butter and honey € 2.80

Coffee is brought to the table, food should be collected from the buffet.

Bregenzerwald country buffet

  • Choice of drinks: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice and mineral water
  • Freshly baked bread rolls, brown country loaves, brown and white  wholemeal bread, crispbread
  • Butter, jam, honey, ham, cheese, soft boiled eggs
  • Cereals such as muesli with assorted seeds, cornflakes and milk
  • Sweet yeast plaited loaves, curd cheese buns or nut stollen
  • Cheeseboard featuring specialities from the Bregenzerwald Cheese Route.
  • Seven different local cheeses, hams and smoked meats, apples, grapes and nuts
  • Alpine butter and Sig (a local chocolate), fresh fruit

The country buffet is brought to the table. Price: € 14.90 per person, not including further drinks


  • Soup; depending on the season either cream of asparagus, creamy cheese, cream of chantarelle mushrooms, goulash soup or barley soup.
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Small Wiener schnitzel with lemon and cranberry sauce

Price supplementary to the Bregenzerwald country buffet: € 19.50 per person, not including further drinks

Mittagskarte für Busgruppen

Wir sind flexibel, ein Anruf ein paar Tage zuvor genügt. Kontaktieren Sie uns dann vormittags mit der Essensauswahl. Somit werden Sie und Ihre Gäste flott und kulinarisch glücklich gemacht, damit Ihr Tagesprogramm gemütlich weitergehen kann.

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