Your hosts and their family

The four of us tend see ourselves not so much as individuals, but more as a family unit. We would like to extend this family unit to include our hotel staff, all of them talented and dedicated young people who work tirelessly alongside us to make your holiday one you will never forget.

Florian Kühne – the Big Boss
Special attributes: a real talent for organisation, both in the Alpenblick and with Alpencatering - happy to jump in wherever he's most needed.

Erika Kühne – the hotel's resident ray of sunshine!
Special attributes: the gift of knowing what our guests want, even before they've asked!

Nicole Kühne – works in the head office of the local food company Sutterlüty

Jasmin Kühne – works at givve® in Munich

Astrid Ritter
A local lamb who has returned to the fold – her mum used to work in the Alpenblick too! After several years abroad she has now returned home to the Bregenzerwald: and we're very pleased she has! Now her bubbly personality enlivens our restaurant, where she takes good care of the guests. She is also a keen wine buff, and as such is in an ideal position to give helpful advice. We hope she has a great time back in the Vorderwald.

Tatjana Kager
Tatjana is very attached to the attractive hotel décor and is meticulous about the cleanliness of the house. Her sunny nature endears her to the guests immediately. She can give some expert walking tips and genuinely enjoys helping our guests.

Annelies Kleber
A kind soul, who is always there for our guests. She can be seen busily and happily at work in the restaurant and about the hotel. Ready to leap into action at short notice, and always on the spot when something unexpected happens. She's a real Lingenau gem, there's no doubt about it!  

Stefanie Schwarz
Stefanie is a good-natured and hard-working girl who has quickly established herself as a popular member of our team. In spite of the amount of work involved in running her farm, of which she is passionately fond, she is (fortunately for us!) frequently to be seen in the hotel. We are proud to be able to count her among our Alpenblick family members.

Maria Gojakne-Bodgnan
As our hard-working chambermaid, Maria is responsible for looking after our cosy, traditional rooms and for the cleanliness of the hotel itself. A pleasant, very conscientious person she can be seen anywhere in the hotel flitting from room to. She tells us that she thinks Lingenau is a wonderful place.
Magdalena Bechter
In Magdalena we have found the archetypal Bregenzerwald "chef de cuisine". Passionate about her cooking, she likes everything to be just so, and pays great attention to the smallest detail. Our herb garden is delighted to have such a fantastic person in charge! Her flair and enthusiasm for cooking is really tangible, and having such a strong person in our team is a real bonus. Magdalena's easy-going nature and excellent forward planning make her indispensable when it comes to catering. She really enjoys helping our guests and spoiling them whenever she has the opportunity.
Bianca Bereuter
Multi-tasker and Jill of all trades extraordinaire, Bianca also hails from the Bregenzerwald. This is absolutely great. Her priceless sense of humour frequently has the whole Alpenblick in fits of laughter. Her latest passion is making pizzas, as well as being responsible for the out of house catering arrangements. She's as unshakeable as a rock, and nothing fazes her!

Peter Szabo
Peter trained as a baker, which explains his passion for bread! At the moment his work entails baking many different kinds of tasty bread, which naturally also includes pizzas. Now he is keen to extend his knowledge and train as a cook. Peter is very adaptable and always ready to help when needed. A first-rate member of the hotel team.
Evà Sàri
Our Evà is a very talented lady. Peter has made a first class job of training her as a pizza chef, and she can now bake such brilliant pizzas that our guests almost drool over them! Organising the washing up and checking the cleanliness of the crockery is also her responsibility. Her pleasant, easy-going manner makes her a popular member of our team.